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Accident Insurance

What Is It

Wilson Gregory's Accident Insurance products are designed to help Independent Contractors and Newspapers obtain affordable and valuable accident coverage that protects them against bodily injury as the result of accidents where and when they need it most: On-Route. Supplemental Insurance assists in providing coverage when other insurance plans leave "gaps" in coverage.

Supplemental Accident Insurance is a limited "accident only" insurance policy that should not be confused with any primary source of insurance, such as a comprehensive health plan or a major medical plan. Benefits are paid for bodily injury sustained as the direct and independent result of an accident. Benefits include Medical, Disability, and Loss of Life coverage.

Why You Need It

  • In most every case primary health insurance plans exclude work related injuries. In the event a Substitute is injured On–Route, the Contractor, NOT THE NEWSPAPER, is responsible for paying the Substitute’s medical expenses since no primary health insurance plan covers another person
  • Accident Insurance is very affordable and, in most cases, can be deducted as a business expense when filing income taxes
  • Coverage is provided 24-hours per day, 7-days per week, 365-days per year On-Route and Off-Route
  • Off-Route benefits pay in addition to any other insurance coverage
  • On-Route medical benefits coordinate medical benefits with any other primary source of insurance
  • If no primary insurance exists, it pays benefits from first dollar up to the policy maximum
  • Our plans pay the Independent Contractor a weekly disability benefit
  • Our plans pay the Independent Contractor directly
  • Our plans pay on a "Per Occurrence" basis
  • Substitutes are automatically covered at no additional charge while On-Route only occasionally replacing the Contractor of Record
  • The Independent Contractor and any number of Helpers are eligible to enroll
  • Accident Insurance plans pay a named beneficiary a Loss of Life benefit if their spouse is killed as a result of an accident whether On-Route or Off-Route
  • And, most importantly, our plans provide peace of mind for all enrolled Contractors and their families

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I didn't realize how important having this insurance was until I tore my rotator cuff. Wilson Gregory did a great job. The benefit of having high quality, low cost Accident Insurance was tremendous and helped relieve my worries.

Christopher Herr
Detroit Newspaper Agency
Detroit, MI